Financial Management


We are confident that we can do your accounting faster,
better and at a lower cost

Automated Accounting

In most businesses, accounting processes are very manual, cumbersome and prone to error. We specalise in automating accounting, which reduces overhead, provides faster and more valuable management information and enhances controls. Our accounting systems are set-up to provide the information you need to assess the profitability of different products and segments of your business, separating variable and fixed costs to allow for better decision making.

A seasoned Financial Director will sit-down with you every month to work through the management information that has been delivered, helping you grow your business and maximize your cash flow and profitability.

Case Study 1
A sole proprietor told us “I feel like I work for SARS the whole year, every weekend is spent preparing for my tax. I employ 16 people but I feel like closing the business”. We took over her accounting and what took her “the whole year” is now a couple of hours reviewing income statements and the provisional tax returns. In addition we helped her transition her sole proprietary business into a private company to simplify her tax and provide business continuity.
Case Study 2
We met with a client who was having problems with their financial manager and was battling with cash flow. We put in place financial controls, developed a cash flow forecasting process, restructured their accounting so that they could get product profitability statements and assisted with the recruitment of a new financial manager. The company’s cash flow problems were resolved and the businesses turnover is now over 3 times what it was.